Joshua Hall – BMW M6

26th March 2020

I would just like to say thank you for your help in sorting the issue on my M6. After purchasing the car from you in late 2016, you have been extremely helpful throughout the purchase and after sales support of my vehicle. We all know that things go wrong with cars now and again. When this happens – most dealers like to bury their head in the sand. I’ve been extremely impressed by the manner in which Oscar Jacobs has dealt with the (relatively minor) headlight issue on my car. When I informed OJ of the problem, Martin organised for the issue to be rectified at a BMW main dealer and supplied a very nice courtesy car and driver to deal with the transport at his own cost. The turnaround was extremely prompt and the issue was sorted over a weekend. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of service and product from Oscar Jacobs – I would not hesitate placing my business with them in the future.

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