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New BMW M5

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It’s the new BMW M5! or is it just a face lift…!

To coincide with the standard 5-Series facelift and mid-life refresh, BMW has treated The Best Super Saloon in The World to a series of tweaks to keep it on the boil. So, that Competition Pack. It’ll be available on both the M5 and M6/M6 Convertible, featuring an uprated 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8; power jumps from 552bhp to 567bhp, resulting in fractional improvements in acceleration. 0-62mph now takes just 4.3 seconds instead of 4.4, and 0-124mph is completed 0.2 seconds quicker (12.8s instead of 13s).

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There have been some minor chassis tweaks too, to wring out more ability from its two-tonne physique. These include new coil spring/damper calibrations, stiffer anti-sway bars, a 10mm lower ride height (that drops the centre of gravity, too) and a retuned M differential for better traction.


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